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Experienced Representation in Catastrophic Injury Claims

The more serious the injury, the more important it is to have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney who has a record of success obtaining compensation for clients with similar injuries.

Hundreds of Millions in Financial Compensation

At Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver, our personal injury lawyers have won hundreds of millions of dollars in financial compensation for our clients. We represent people whose lives have been forever changed through no fault of their own but by the negligence of others.

We represent clients who have suffered a broad range of life-altering injuries, including:

  • Brain injuries: Including traumatic brain injuries, caused by a blow to the head and anoxic or hypoxic injuries, caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Including paraplegia, quadriplegia and other types of paralysis resulting from damage to or severing of the spinal cord. We also represent clients with nerve damage and other back and spine-related injuries.
  • Burns: Including electrical burns, scalds, thermal burns, skin grafts and plastic surgeries.
  • Serious Fractures: Surgery and surgical implants may be required to repair particularly complex fractures. Compound fractures always present a risk of infection
  • Amputations: We will pursue compensation for all associated damages, from medical treatment and pain and suffering to prosthetics to loss of earning capacity.
  • Internal Injuries: Vehicle accidents, construction accidents and other types of accidents caused by negligence can result in life-threatening injuries to internal organs, such as the liver, spleen, gall bladder and kidneys.
  • Loss of site or hearing: No amount of money can make up for the loss of one of your senses, but it can provide the resources you need to adapt to your new circumstances.

Any Injury Can Be Catastrophic

Even seemingly minor injuries can have a major impact on your ability to work and earn a living. Our law firm carefully studies the real-life consequences of an injury. We are often able to recover significant verdicts and settlements for clients who suffer a loss of earning potential because of an injury caused by negligence.

Contact the personal injury and wrongful death attorneys of Stolpman, Krissman, Elber & Silver, LLP, to arrange a free consultation about your case. From offices in Long Beach, our lawyers represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.